Thursday, 10 December 2009

Targets and the European Parliament

The next few days are going to be critical in deciding whether Copenhagen can break 12 years of inaction on GHG emissions from shipping & aviation. A key issue is not just that the bodies responsible for regulating these industries (IMO and ICAO) get clear instructions from COP15 but that GHG emission reduction targets are agreed for these sectors. As talks start on the bunkers text the EU proposal for targets (-10% and -20% for aviation and shipping respectively by 2020 on a 2005 baseline), the only one in town, will come under increasing pressure. One potential ally in the fight to keep those targets in is the 45 strong delegation from the European Parliament due to arrive next week. A recent European Parliament resolution called for the EU to strengthen its position in the negotiations and for shipping and aviation to be subject to the same reduction targets as other industries.

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