Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Movement on target setting

The IMO has been defending its role as the organisation that should be responsible for developing GHG mitigation measures for shipping. The Australia proposal (Option 5) argues for a shift of responsibility to the UNFCCC and others have said that if the IMO can’t do the job properly then it should be superseded. Shifting responsibility for technical work is not really an option but many are now saying that the setting of targets for shipping should take place in Copenhagen and under the auspices of UNFCCC. Surprisingly, this now appears to be the position of the IMO itself which announced yesterday in a working group here that it would implement targets and timelines agreed in Copenhagen. Norway also appears to be changing their position. In their most recent bunkers proposal (Option 1) they describe IMO establishing mid-term and long-term goals but at an IMO side event hosted by the EU today the head of the Norwegian delegation at IMO talked about Copenhagen providing a target for shipping “at least as ambitious” as the wider agreement. The International Chamber of Shipping has also said they support a Copenhagen target for shipping.

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